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The folk at Ridge Photography are a fun, energetic and experienced bunch, always looking to create a relaxed and social environment to work in. We try to bring an unobtrusive style, mixed with a focused professional attitude to deliver to your needs, but when required we are full of those little ideas that bring a moment alive and capture an image that will last a lifetime. Our team are experienced photographers who hold industry recognised levels of accreditation and are published by major UK media & publishers.

Our customers range from national newspapers, software companies, major TV networks, celebrities, actors and sports stars, as well as folk that just want a great image for their wall at home. We do what we do because we enjoy it. If you like what you see, then drop us a line - thanks for stopping by!

All images & video displayed on this website are the © COPYRIGHT of RIDGE PHOTOGRAPHY. None of the images or video contained or displayed on this website can be used without written permission from Ridge Photography. For any inquiries related to license or misuse of these images please direct them through the email address on the contact page.

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